The Aura


My life was getting hectic and the dreams had stopped for some time. I was slowly beginning to forget him and our strange encounters...

It was a glary sunny summer day and everyone except college students were at work. I was sitting at a table in the shade outside in a cafe down in the valley, waiting to meet a friend for coffee. She was running late so I was people watching. Bored. There were a number of office buildings opposite the cafe - which was also close to the club with the unmarked door we began visiting early last year. I looked at my phone again. My friend was now really late. I was just about to call her when someone came out of that office building. 

Even from afar, I knew it was him. He seemed disorientated, adjusting to the glaring brightness and shielding his face from the sun. I immediately thought 'vampire' and smiled at the silly thought. He stood on the pavement for a short while before heading towards the cafe. He walked straight past where I was sitting. I thought he might recognize me but he seemed preoccupied. Though to say he 'walked' was incorrect. He seemed to glide past with a regal, authoritative flair...not arrogance but you could feel a strong powerful presence. It was almost like you could see energy radiating from him. I had never seen anything like that before. He also looked so much more attractive than I remembered. His hair was longer and straighter, touching his shoulders. It also looked lighter with auburn highlights contrasting his dark roots. I remember his lips were parted in a pout and those breathtaking blue eyes were shining... He was simply beautiful. He looked like he belonged on a catwalk.

My phone rang. I looked down to pick up the call and when I looked back up he was gone. My heart was racing. There was something about him that was magnetic. I needed to find out why I kept seeing him so randomly. 

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    Confessions of a girl dating a vampire. 

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