The Encounter


I saw him again. He is so beautiful. Beautiful is not a word I usually use to describe men. But he is beautiful. 

Needless to say the club became our regular haunt. My friends came for the drinks while I was secretly hoping to see him again. We went a number of times but he didn't seem to be around. I don't know why he had made such an impression on me - I had only seen him for a couple of seconds.

Then finally one night we were standing chatting near the dance floor. I spotted him in the crowd walking towards us. I couldn't look away. He was looking down and his dark brown hair fell in unruly waves onto his face. All I remember was that he was wearing a dark casual jacket and jeans, looking effortlessly handsome. He was hurriedly weaving his way through the crowd without touching anybody. As he got within a metre of me he looked up and smiled. I only briefly noticed that he had light coloured eyes. I moved out of the way for him as he walked past. I turned around but he had already disappeared into the crowd.

My friend had noticed him too. She said that he looked familiar and he might be in a local band. Perfect. I had to meet him.

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