The Sabbatical


I didn't see him again for a long time but his deep blue eyes kept haunting me. 

I would have dreams of meeting him somewhere exotic and gazing into those shining beautiful eyes. The dreams affected me deeply when I woke up. They usually felt so real and I couldn't stop thinking about it. The other thing I noticed was that he also had some strange familiarity to him that I couldn't pinpoint. A familiarity ... not because I'd seen him before but I felt like I knew him from somewhere ... a really long time ago. But that was impossible. I would have been a child and he would have been around the same age as he is now.

I kept researching into deja vu, but it didn't seem to fit. I wasn't reliving a certain event ... it was 'him' that felt so familiar to me. But the familiarity feeling only started after that conversation. Plus the hypnotic attraction was still left unexplained. 

Was he a vampire? Curiosity got the better of me and I started reading about vampirism, the countless types of vampires and stories of those professing to be vampires/vampyres. But I didn't remember him having any canine teeth plus he was drinking alcohol - it was alcohol, right?? It was all getting a little surreal. He had scared me but I was still fascinated. All I knew was that he had affected me deeply and I didn't know why. But I didn't see him again for another eight months. And in the mean time I kept having those vivid dreams.

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    Confessions of a girl dating a vampire. 

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