The Sighting


Some days I wish I never met him. He's been the reason for so much hurt and pain. But I can't imagine my life without him.

I found myself at a club down in the valley, one night in March. Three years ago.

The entry to the club was via an unmarked door which led to a dark, narrow stone path. Another heavy wooden door was a couple of metres down from the entranceway with an unmanned counter tucked in the corner. There were a number of security cameras mounted above the wooden door. As soon as we arrived a young attractive girl came to the counter and checked a security monitor before escorting us through. 

The place was packed with young trendy people. The club had a large dance floor and two levels of exotic plush seating with private booths. The building hadn't seemed this big from the outside. From the second level you could look down onto the crowd from a glass function room which seemed to overhang the dance floor below. We ordered drinks and decided to check out what was upstairs. 

I was walking up the stairs holding onto the railing with one hand, drink in the other, looking through the glass window of the function room. There was a private bar and a small group of people in the room. Standing close to the window was a tall, handsome man with dark unruly hair which came down to his jaw. In that second as I observed him, he looked up from the person he was talking to. He looked straight at me. Even though we were a fair distance apart I knew he had seen me. I smiled and continued walking up the stairs. I didn't see him for the rest of the night but for some reason I knew I would be seeing him again. Oh my, if only I had known.

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